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computer programming for kids

We’re a passionate group of developers, educators, gamers, hackers — oh yeah, and parents.

We started KidsCode2Learn in order to give our own kids a more engaging introduction to computer programming.

Our Mission

To provide the best summer camp tech experience to kids, instilling enthusiasm in STEM learning and sparking their interest in related careers. Our mission is to also teach kids real software coding and design skills by creating awesome projects with cutting-edge technology.

Get To Know Us

We all want the best for our children and as parents we are passionate about creating an environment where our kids can continually grow and develop. Even though we are all about creativity, innovation and teamwork, we are also about Personality! The team that make up KidsCode2Learn believes that coding is a great way to socialize, network and make friends with similar interests.

Learning how to program has provided our children, and many other children that attend our coding camps with a way of processing the world around them, a logical way of thinking, problem solving and cognitive development. We harness their creativity and teach them that there is no such thing as impossible. Coding is a life skill that will allow to become the architects of the future.

We Teach Kids How to Code coding-advantages

Let’s be honest, children these days are more tech-savvy than most of their parents, however there has never really been a physical space in which they can develop their computing capabilities.  This is where we come in! KidsCode2Learn has partnered up with a number of schools and venues across San Antonio area to provide children with a physical space in which they can let their love for computing and technology run wild.

An Investment in Your Child’s Future.

The summer experience that will last a lifetime. Our camps are designed for kids from 3rd to 8th grade.

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