Computer Programming for Kids- How to Get Started

Computer Programming for Kids- How to Get Started

20 years ago, not many people thought of computer programming as a viable career option computer programming for kidsfor their children but as we head towards the end of 2016, there is no doubt that becoming a programmer is a very lucrative career choice.  In an age that is driven forward by technology and the Internet in general, it is almost a must have skill set to teach computer programming for kids early.

This is why it is no surprise why many parents are not only exploring these options fro their kids from a young age but are also putting in efforts to get them started at a very young age. This is exactly why you see so many resources and apps geared towards teaching kids how to get started with programming.

You even have dedicated summer camps with a programming theme that are meant to get kids initiated into this fantastic world of computer languages. And rightly so, considering that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million more jobs in the field of computer programming in the United States alone. We are talking better job security and better pay options than what the old conventional jobs used to offer.

Computer programming for kids

First of all, there is no age limit to when a child can start with this. Parents and teachers are initiating kids as young as pre-school age into the world of computer science with the help of countless apps and resources that are specifically targeted towards this task.

For instance, Fisher-Price’s Code A Pillar toy, which uses a cute caterpillar to teach children how to sequence the little bug, allows kids to understand actions and sequences. Apps like The Everything Machine can get a child started as well and we all know how much little kids like to play with ell phones.

Choosing the right school

Back in the day the main focus of an educational system was reading, writing and arithmetic and while those things are still must have skills, there is a fourth skill added to that lot- computer science. Whether your kid grows up to become a programmer or not, it is undeniable that in today’s day and age they require proficient computer skills, whether they become a lawyer, a doctor or a politician.

This is why you must choose a school that has a comprehensive computer science program in place that pays sufficient attention in teaching kids about computers from an early age. This helps kids gain an early interest in all things programming which undeniably helps them later in their career.

Summer camps

There is no better way to get a child interested in a subject than by sending them to a summer camp. There are some excellent summer camps in existence that offer training in everything from animation to robotics to conventional programming.

The fun vibe of a summer camp and the knowledge that is imparted in such a light environment is sure to get your child interested in computer science. To get more information on some of the best summer camps on offer, click here.

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