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Getting Started With Computer Programming For Kids

From the outside, he appears to be just another Silicon Valley hotshot who works for one of the big companies but there is more to Jonah Grant than meets the eye. Currently working at Periscope, Jonah developed his first iPhone app when he was just 12 years old. By the time he was 14 he already had 4 apps in the iTunes store that had seen more than 100,000 downloads.

His story seems like a case of overnight success but the truth is slightly different. The reality is that Jonah started playing around with computers when he was merely 5 years old. Since then he has not only launched plenty of apps of his own, he has also gone on to work for Twitter, Periscope and Lightbank among other companies.

As a parent you might be tempted to wonder how is it that a kid so young could accomplish so much? Is it just natural talent? Was he simply born with it? No. Instead, he followed the same path that most other computer prodigies follow- the path of learning from an early age.

Today, getting your child started with computer programming is easier than ever before. The most popular way for ambitious parents is to get their child enrolled in a computer programming camp for kids. Gone are the days when computer education used to be imparted in a theoretical manner, encapsulated within boring computer labs.

Summer camps make learning a fun process while also imparting knowledge via innovative methods based on the core principles of STEM education.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. The main idea behind STEM education is to teach a subject with the help of an integrated, hands on approach that provides the child with plenty of learning experiences in a practical manner. As a result of active participation, a student develops necessary skills of critical thinking and problem solving that help them with the program as well as with regular schoolwork.

Most all coveted vocations in today’s age require STEM skills and considering the fact that regular K-12 curriculum isn’t really STEM based, it makes these summer camps that much more crucial for your child’s development.

Why enroll in a summer computer programming camp?

If you want to ensure a financially secure future for your child then you have to start planning as early as possible and given the fact that jobs in the tech industry are projected to grow by twice the national average, it is a no brainer.

Our camps are an all inclusive affair where kids can learn anything from app development to video game programming to even robotics. Our instructor to student ratio guarantees that the children receive personal attention from our highly qualified faculty who are trained to teach via a project based method, paced according to suit every child’s personal need.

These camps are meant not just to impart programming skills but also to ignite their curious minds and give the students a taste of what a career in information technology would be like. Our summer camps are designed to be safe spaces where kids not only learn about programming, but also foster real world relationships and learn positive traits that will help them even as an adult.  Ready to find out more?

Enroll your little ones in our computer programming for kids summer camp today and let them enjoy a rewarding experience of studying math and programming like never before.

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